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About Us


Our Main Priorities:

Proper Nutrition, Regular Dental Care, and No Over-Vaccinating.

Back 2 Basics is not just the name of our business.  It also encompasses the way we do business.   It means keeping care simple and affordable.  It means taking an individualized approach to veterinary medicine.  It means recommending products we not only believe in, but use on our own pets.  Personal.  Simple.  Affordable.  That is the philosophy behind Back 2 Basics.


At Back 2 Basics we strive to develop a personal relationship with you and your pet.  By getting to know our clients and patients, we are better able to work with owners on developing a personalized approach to their pet’s care.  This relationship helps us determine such things as vaccine protocols and medication regimens.  Knowing what does and doesn’t work for our clients

and patients helps us keep things simple and cost effective.

Preventative medicine is something we focus on heavily. 

Our 3 priorities play a very important part in our practice:


Proper Nutrition: Choosing a high quality, life-long diet will

lead to a healthier, happier pet.  A good diet can help prevent

costly health problems down the road such as diabetes,

thyroid problems, heart disease, and more.  Diagnostics and

treatment for these ailments can add up to huge costs over

time. We take the time to discuss nutrition with each of our

clients and have also created educational material to help them

choose what is best to feed their specific pet(s).


Regular Dental Care:  We carry the TropiClean line of dental care

products.  These include a water additive that prevents plaque

and gingivitis and a teeth gel that will remove plaque and tarter

without brushing.  Dentals can be costly and require anesthesia. 

But, by preventing plaque and tarter build up, they can be avoided. 

These products allow our clients to do so easily and inexpensively.


No Over-Vaccinating: Each pet gets their own personal vaccine protocol. We work with each owner to determine which vaccines are appropriate for their pet’s lifestyle.  This means owners avoid paying for unnecessary vaccines.  We also highly encourage running a distemper titer over vaccinating for distemper every 3 years.  This is a one time test that we keep at an affordable rate. It allows us to confirm your pet has responded to previous distemper vaccines and has built a life-long immunity to both Distemper and Parvo.  An extremely high percentage of our patients come back protected, and therefore do NOT need a distemper/parvo vaccine for the rest of their lives.  Many local kennels accept the distemper titer instead of the vaccine itself.


In terms of services, Back 2 Basics Veterinary Clinic offers routine care.  We provide annual wellness exams, vaccinations, heartworm testing, medical exams and diagnostics, routine surgeries (spays, neuters, dentals, and tumor removals) and digital radiographs.  For our patients that require procedures we are unable to offer, such as ultrasounds, we have developed relationships with the Veterinary Emergency Services and Specialty Center, Madison Veterinary Specialists, and the University of Wisconsin Veterinary School in order to ensure that those patients get the best care they need.


The products we carry reflect our belief that prevention is the best medicine.  Rather than veterinary, prescription diets that are loaded with corn and meat by-products, we carry foods that use quality ingredients, are grain-free, and avoid fillers and inappropriate preservatives.  We also have a list of other great food brands for you to explore and try.  All of the products and foods we carry are products we use on our own pets, thus we can speak directly to their effectiveness.


At Back 2 Basics we pride ourselves on keeping care simple and affordable.  A large part of our affordability comes from taking a common sense approach to the care we provide. We develop relationships with our clients and our patients so that each pet receives the individualized care that they deserve.  We keep a modest, welcoming facility and a modest, friendly staff and utilize referral resources in order to keep costs low.  Lastly, we do not sell products we do not believe in.  Our philosophy means that clients get great care for their pets without breaking the bank.  If you are currently a client, thank you.  If you have not been in yet, we look forward to seeing you!

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